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UW professor says you’ll succeed even if you buy the wrong gifts - David Gutman | Seattle Times

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Notice: Put it in Writing

In September 2017, the homeowner association sent the Crouches a letter saying their yard was in need of seasonal maintenance, which the Crouches said they heeded.Two months later, a cease and desist letter from the homeowner association’s lawyers arrived. If they didn’t change their yard back to a “neat, clean” lawn, the lawyer for the association wrote, the Crouches could face fines or worse….

In the end, the Crouches spent $60,000 on lawyers fees, but they say it was worth it. This fall, with the new law backing them up, the Crouches let their dead coneflowers, sunflowers and other perennials stand. Mr. Crouch awoke one frigid morning this November to find six birds on the stalks, feasting on the seeds.

They Fought the Lawn. And the Lawn Lost - Cara Buckley | The New York Times

I Fought the Law (And The Law Won) - The Bobby Fuller Four

They Fought the Lawn. And the Lawn Lost
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This is Not a Game


Nakagin Tower: Tokyo says goodbye to an ultra-modern architectural marvel


Tokyo says goodbye to an ultra-modern architectural marvel - Elizabeth Palmer | CBS News

Nakagin Tower & video (Wikipedia) | Nakagin Images (National Geographic) 


As US home prices decline, number of buyers with underwater mortgages swells - Megan Henney | Fox Business

Florida Lawmakers to Tackle Ballooning Property-Insurance CrisisLeslie Scism, Arian Campo-Flores, Deborah Acosta | WSJ 

Why the Dream of Turning Empty Offices Into Housing Is a Bust
Florida Lawmakers to Tackle Ballooning Property-Insurance Crisis

What Washington's housing legislation could look like in 2023 - Joshua McNichols | KUOW 

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Condo Connection's financial coverage is indexed to our Dollar$ and $ense page dedicated to all things CIC finance.

Dollar$ and $ense Page

“The Fed’s going to have to keep policy uncomfortably tight for an extended period, and to us, that means there’s still a lot more room for upside,” Nelson said in a Bloomberg Television  interview with Jonathan Ferro. “It’s very possible that the Fed does cut rates, maybe not necessarily next year, but in 2024 and beyond, but the odds that they cut rates back to zero is very low. So the floor for rates, let’s say three, four, five years out, is much higher than it would have been in past cycles.” - Bloomberg 5 Things 12/09/22

As “generationally high inflation” slowed economies across the world, the Fed and other central banks have countered with interest-rate increases to tame price increases. That “will ultimately succeed, but at a cost of a global recession in 2023,” according to Vanguard’s report. Vanguard sees a 90% chance of a recession in the United States by the end of next year. 

Vanguard sees a recession in 2023 — and one 'silver lining' for investors - Andrew Keshner | Marketwatch [Paywall]

How Long Should Powell Keep Raising Interest Rates? Fed Officials Are Divided - Nick Timiraos | WSJ

The yield curve is now deeply inverted, with short-term rates far above long-term ones. The yield on the 10-year Treasury note, lately at 3.61%, is 0.79 percentage point below the yield on the two-year note…More worrisome still is that the 10-year yield is now below the rate on three-month Treasurys—something that many economists, including at the Fed, view as a much more reliable recession indicator.

The Treasury Market Throws a Curveball - Justin Lahart | WSJ

Federal Funds Rate: 1979 - 2022 (covering the last 6 recessions)

Federal Funds Rate: 1979 - 2022 (covering the last 6 recessions)

Example Fidelity Money Market 7 Day Yields as of December 14, 2022

Example Fidelity Money Market 7 Day Yields as of December 14, 2022

Be Prepared

How to Prepare for a Recession - Anna-Louise Jackson | TIME

Easing Inflation

Prices cooled last month, raising hopes that inflation is easing - Rachel Siegel | WaPo

Words of Wisdom from Mohamed El-Erian

This year, as we look at the risk of recession, the same people who dismissed inflation as transitory and were wrong, are saying, don’t worry, it will be short and shallow. And again, a concept of mean reversion. What we really are seeing is structural and secular changes that have to be taken seriously by governments, by central banks and by companies.

Ezra Klein Interviews Mohamed A. El-Erian - The New York Times

Fidelity Fixed Income and Bonds Page

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