Policies, Procedures and Resolutions (PPR) form the third leg of the governing documents triumvirate. 

Why do you need even more written governance?  Because the standards and procedures of an organization are rarely governed by statute and often absent from the declaration, bylaws and/or rules and regulations.  Policies, procedures and resolutions codify exactly what, when, where, who and how action should occur to establish direction for governance, operations and support functions.  Formal, written expressions provide for preservation of continuity and consistency as Board composition changes over time and allow for examination by members (owners) which is a critical aspect of transparent governance.

Duly adopted policies, procedures and resolutions are governing documents. The difference between these and other types of governing documents is the ease with which they can be created, updated and rescinded.  All properly adopted governance is binding on the Board until rescinded.  The Board does not possess the authority to create a policy, procedure, resolution, or rule that contradicts the bylaws, the declaration (CC&Rs) or the articles of incorporation.

Please do your community a favor and keep all policies, procedures, resolutions succinct.  Most such documents can be less than one page.  Lengthy documents are sometimes due to incorporation of content best suited to separate documents.

Clear and concise policies, procedures and resolutions will help your community avoid on-the-fly decision-making / reinventing the wheel.  Proactive policy-making directly contributes to leading your community with consistency, empathy, honesty, integrity, reason and transparency.   

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CIC Governance Hierarchy

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