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Virus Triple Threat

The 1,000lb CAI gorilla (guerrilla?!) 

atop the author.

Created by a friend of Condo Connection!


CAI Tosses More Spaghetti 

The History of Modern Skyscrapers
Home Delistings On the Rise

Home Builders Fight to Show There's Enough Water for New Residents

Remote work is gutting downtowns, will cost cities $453 billion

Home Builders Fight to Show There's Enough Water for New Residents
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Condo Connection's financial coverage is indexed to our Dollar$ and $ense page dedicated to all things CIC finance.

Dollar$ and $ense Page

Why Hasn’t Your Community Ditched Your Bank?!

There’s nothing complicated about it: Common interest communities are missing out on billions of dollars in interest by keeping their savings at the biggest U.S. banks.  The $42 Billion Question: Why Aren't Americans Ditching Big Banks? - Dion Rabouin | WSJ 12/08/22

What Types of Bonds Deliver the Best Returns?

‘Risk Free’ Returns?  Government Backed Debt Is Key

TIPs of the Week

FOMC Moderation in December, BUT Rate Hikes Aren’t Over

12 Month Fixed Income Total Return by Sector - Truist Wealth

Global Yield Curve Inversion

World Yield Curve - 2001 to 2022 - Bloomberg
Fidelity Fixed Income & Bonds Yield as of 12/08/22

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The people of Ukraine are undergoing tremendous displacement from their homes coupled with loss of life, tragedy and suffering.  Considering the global landscape can help us gain perspective in our daily lives.  CIC Info Bytes readers expressed their support for Ukraine last year.  Please voice your own support!