Info Bytes 06.09.22

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CIC Education and Research Survey


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      • QUICK STATS:

        1. 77% of CICs survey residents less than annually or never

        2. 74% of CICs have not established formal education and/or training for homeowners and volunteers

        3. 73% of CICs have no budget dedicated to education and/or training

        4. 92% of CICs purchase education and/or training resources less than annually or never

        5. 100% of CICs dedicate less than 1% of their annual budget to education and/or training

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    • Thanks to a special session and a hefty dose of prior effort, the Florida legislature came together with bipartisan support to pass a sweeping set of condominium safety and insurance reforms (Senate Bills 2-D and 4-D) that were signed into law by Governor DeSantis on Thursday, May 26, 2022.

    • READ this summary of new requirements + A Major Move Forward in Safety by The Miami Herald

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CIC Rules: 8 Commandments for Development and Enforcement
CIC State Statute Project

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