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ISSUE # 56

CIC Info Bytes 01/08/23

CIC Info Bytes are frequent, succinct updates providing educational and engagement opportunities that help your community thrive!  Please forward and share this newsletter with your peers, neighbors and colleagues so they can connect and join.

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CIC Info Bytes Newsletter 01/08/23 - PRINT EDITION

Demand Freedom

There’s no comparison being made here to MLK Jr’s battle against systemic racism, but homeowners and their associations have been subjected to an unjust level of control by an overwhelmingly unaccountable and unapologetic industry.  Why does this oppression exist for millions of homeowners across hundreds of thousands of communities across the United States?  Because chaos is profitable!

Please consider this: demand freedom.  Demand freedom from crimes against democracy and from assumptions and from ignorance.  Demand freedom from lack of due diligence and from “you should ask your attorney” as the first line of defense.  Most of all, demand freedom from lack of transparency in an industry that operates without readily available metrics for the individuals and companies that you are told to trust.  Credentials and ethical obligations are only as good as the record you can see.  The proof is in the doing.  Don’t let the lowest common denominator rule your roost.

Please think twice before you act on emails like “Who’s In Your Network”.   By the way, thanks for being part of our network!  We never use your personal information to lobby legislators!  We’ve updated CAI By The Numbers: a picture’s worth 1,000 words…

Reserve funding is a marathon, not a sprint.  You should expect peaks and troughs.

The Myth of “Full Funding”


— Christian Edwards | CNN

How to Read This Chart — Philip Bump | The Washington Post | 12/17/22

How Bad Can it Get?

Why This Housing Downturn Isn’t Like the Last One 

— Ben Eisen & Nicole Friedman | The WSJ | 10/17/22

How Tall is Too Tall? — Bianca Bosker | The Atlantic | 12/17/22

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Support Ukraine

A Note About Ukraine

The people of Ukraine are undergoing tremendous displacement from their homes coupled with loss of life, tragedy and suffering.  Considering the global landscape can help us gain perspective in our daily lives.  CIC Info Bytes readers expressed their support for Ukraine last year.  Please voice your own support!