Info Bytes 06.23.22

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2022 Reserve Survey


As always, YOUR participation is key!  Please grab your favorite beverage and sip for 10 to 20 minutes while responding.  You’ll see a snapshot of all current results as soon as you’re finished.   Thank you in advance for participating!

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Discussion Highlights

Can our Board Require Removal of my Cameras?!
Investing Reserve Funds

CIC Volunteer Feat of the Week

Tucked away on a common fifth floor terrace, one Seattle condominium owner has dutifully rehabilitated and maintained her association’s container-based landscaping (about 48 containers across 2,400 sqft) for the last four years.  The results are absolutely lovely.  What a feat!  Cheers to Monique!

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Governance Matters

Governance Matters typically covers court decisions and legislative impacts, but this week we're exploring the burden of governance.

Proper governance is a heavy burden!  Read this TLDR blog article and Decision-Making 101 for some tips to stay safely afloat.

Here are two recent musings to cross the wire:

It’s a lot of work to get a committee up and running…

Is it really necessary to break down reserve expenses and capital expenses separately?

Holding yourself, your Board and your management and staff accountable is challenging and not always popular.  Doing what’s in the best interest of all your owners is not always the easiest path.  Complicating this is the fact that, in all but the smallest CICs, the vast majority of homeowners do not understand the level of volunteer involvement required to facilitate an experience that ticks all the boxes for appropriate governance and keeps residents happy, and runs smooth operations, etc.  A quick check of the Volunteer Involvement Survey reveals that 65% of respondents serve 16 or more hours per month.

Your CIC can avoid the need to litigate procedural errors and lapses in judgment by following your applicable statutes and governing documents.  Doing so is not necessarily simple, but it avoids the need for assumptions and shortcuts.  Leading your community with consistency, empathy, honesty, integrity, reason and transparency is the right choice.  Always.  Volunteer service often requires considerable time and it isn’t easy.

CIC Volunteer Involvement Survey

Resource Updates


Hiring has become considerably more challenging in 2022 vs. 2021Take a look at the sobering losses in certain sector payrolls like Leisure and Hospitality. 

CIC State Statute Project

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A Note About Ukraine

The people of Ukraine are undergoing tremendous displacement from their homes coupled with loss of life, tragedy and suffering.  You can pledge to support the people of Ukraine in 30 seconds and learn more about ways to provide direct support to organizations making a difference there.

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