Satisfaction Surveys

When is the last time your association conducted a satisfaction survey of your owners and residents?

You will find a number of helpful example questions below, but it is also important to implement some best practices before disseminating a survey. Consider the following questions:

  • WHAT is the purpose of the survey?

  • If any questions relate to specific outcomes, is the Board prepared to take action and respect the majority opinion of members (owners)?

  • WHO is the intended audience? Consider: 1) respondents and 2) persons who view results

  • WHAT tool will be used to administer the survey?

  • HOW will the survey be disseminated?

  • HOW long will respondents have to complete the survey?

  • WHO will compile survey results?

  • HOW long will it take to compile results and how will those results be disseminated?

  • Are all questions and multiple-choice answers constructed objectively?

  • Do any questions or multiple-choice answers imply a bias?

  • Do any questions collect personally identifiable information? If so:

    • who will have access to the personally identifiable information?

    • how will that information be handled to ensure the privacy of the respondents?

EXAMPLE Owner and Resident Satisfaction Survey Questions