Info Bytes 12.09.21

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    • Under the current law, community associations affected by a presidentially declared natural disaster—blizzard, drought, earthquake, fire, flood, hurricane, or tornado—are NOT given the same FEMA financial recovery support

    • If this bill passes, individual owners in condominiums and housing cooperatives will be reimbursed for their fair share of repair or replacement of critical major common area elements like boiler rooms, elevators, roofs, etc.

Governance Matters

  • Association Must Provide Proper Assessment Notices

    • This was a case from Ohio, but it's a great reminder that delivering required notice is essential. WA State's RCW 64.90.525(1)(b) superseded prior legislation related to annual budgets back in 2018. Here's what it says:

      • If the proposed budget is rejected or the required notice is not given, the periodic budget last ratified by the unit owners continues until the unit owners ratify a subsequent budget proposed by the board.

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