Info Bytes 06.16.22

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Governance Matters

  • Failure to Respond Does ≠ Approval of ARC / ACC Request

    • In Ciochetty v. Fountain Trace Homeowners’ Association, Inc. the Kentucky Court of Appeals found that an incomplete ARC/ACC application voids the plain language 30 day response requirement

    • The Court noted that it is best practice to respond in a timely manner to all requests and not simply ignore them.

      • Be reasonable! Please provide timely responses to requests and inquiries from your homeowners.

  • Declaration and Covenants (CC&Rs) Regulate Leasing

    • In JBrice Holdings, L.L.C. v. Wilcrest Walk Townhomes Association, Inc., the Texas Supreme Court reaffirmed that a Board is not empowered to regulate leasing via rules that are not supported by recorded covenants

      • If your declaration / CC&Rs includes language such as "Other than XYZ, there shall be no restriction on the right of any owner to lease its unit," XYZ are the only permissible restrictions.

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A Note About Ukraine

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