Conflict and tension are human.  How your community handles them is crucial.  "I didn't sign up for this!"

Community associations (common interest communities (CICs)) and their volunteer Boards of directors can be fertile ground for conflict because they: 

(adapted from Managing Conflict:  A Guide for  Volunteer Boards)

One of the most pervasive reasons for conflict in community association is that volunteers are simply overwhelmed trying to run the business.  Your community incorporated or not is a business.  Doing the best and/or the right thing for your community gives way to doing what's most expedient, whatever can be summarized in one page or decided in a 5 to 10 minute conversation (see frequent mistakes and lessons learned).

Most owners [who choose to serve on the Board] discover, over time, that the degree of personal sacrifice, time, and effort is much more than they bargained for." 

— Dan S. Barnabic The Condo Bible for Americans

Feeling the pressure?  Check the resources below or run your own search.



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