Accommodating electric vehicle (EV) charging in the condominium setting often  requires a considerable investment of time and fiscal resources.  While costs related to installing and using EV charging stations are almost always the responsibility of unit owners, there's a significant amount of work required to understand owner interest, measure the power supply, make available power usable in the right location(s), draft contractual language and (possibly) update governing documents. 

If your association is considering infrastructure updates to meet the needs of EV charging, remember that the addition of power and infrastructure are capital improvements.  Many states' statutes prohibit CICs from expending reserve funds for capital improvements and/or allow reserve loans requiring time-limited repayment.  Your declaration may also impose restrictions requiring that Members (owners) approve capital improvements over a certain threshold.

Which states have statutes prescribing EV charging in community associations? 🔌

N.B.  This may not be an exhaustive list.  Have additional examples?  Please send them our way!

Do electric micromobility devices, electric vehicles and EV chargers create a greater risk of fire?🔥

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) says the risks are different than ICE carsCWS says noCleanTechnica says no.  Some companies have designed equipment to isolate car fires.  You can sign up for free access to NFPA documentation.  

N.B.  NFPA standards can be adopted in whole, part or not at all by each state and municipality.  NFPA standards are not required unless adopted into code!

Are you concerned about e-bikes and scooters?  Products that are UL-listed have a reasonable safety record.  Others do not.   Read this NFPA tip sheet

Grants and Incentives 💰

Many states have programs to incentivize EV adoption.  The Department of Energy's Alternative Fuels Data Center website and other resources below can help you identify opportunities for savings.

Electric Vehicle (EV) Adoption is Set to Grow

Bloomberg: The Biden administration proposed a landmark limit on tailpipe emissions that may compel automakers to ensure two out of every three cars and light trucks sold in 2032 are electric...


The embedded document below has detailed summaries linked in blue for three properties.

Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Solutions Feedback from Seattle Condos

Washington State

Concerning Electric Vehicle Charging and CICs

HB 1793 - Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations in CICs

Example EV License Agreement

EXAMPLE Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Station License Agreement
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