Accommodating electric vehicle (EV) charging in the condominium setting requires a considerable investment of time and fiscal resources.  While costs related to installing and using EV charging stations are almost always the responsibility of unit owners, there's a significant amount of work required to understand owner interest, measure the power supply, make available power usable in the right location(s), draft contractual language and (possibly) update governing documents.  

If your association is considering infrastructure updates to meet the needs of EV charging, remember that the addition of power and infrastructure are capital improvements.  Many states' statutes prohibit CICs from expending reserve funds for capital improvements and/or allow reserve loans requiring time-limited repayment.  Your declaration may also impose restrictions requiring that Members (owners) approve capital improvements over a certain threshold.


Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Solutions Feedback from Seattle Condos

WA State Bill HB1793

Concerning Electric Vehicle Charging and CICs

HB 1793 - Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations in CICs

Example EV License Agreement

EXAMPLE Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Station License Agreement