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US Census Bureau CIC Data

According to the US Census Bureau:

An environmental aside: Carbon-dioxide emissions from building construction and operations hit an all-time high in 2021, according to the most recent data, a sign that the push to decarbonize the industry by 2050 may be slipping out of reach. - Bloomberg 11/09/22

What does VR gaming have to do with CICs?  Palmer (who sold Oculus to Facebook for $2 billion back in 2014), believes that only the threat of serious consequences can make a game feel free.

What if your individual volunteer governors (Board of Directors), association, management company and vendors all operated as if there were serious consequences for doing the wrong thing?  What would THAT world look like?  Less omnipotence for sure!


Overwhelmingly Satisfied Concerned 

While FCAR’s 2022 “Homeowner Satisfaction Survey” includes published results with mediocre detail, results from CAI’s 2021 Volunteer Leader Survey were never published save for the aforelinked one page summary written by Janet Newcomb.

Why is all this important?  For starters, there is no study proving that covenants increase property values relative to similarly sited homes without them.  Second, there is far more chaos and dissatisfaction within CICs than any industry group will ever admit and the evidence is everywhere, but especially on Reddit.

Both articles immediately above are part of the excellent coverage provided by Deborah Goonan’s Independent American Communities 


Plan for Yield

It’s unsurprising that many are fleeing the bond market, but those investors could be missing some key points, experts say. The market now may not be far from its cyclical low. And even if it doesn’t recover quickly, bondholders will continue to enjoy a decent stream of interest payments. - WSJ 11/6/22 

…”for years people like me have been telling you that advisers have to disclose much more about themselves than stockbrokers do, so you can make better-informed decisions about their services and integrity… however, that isn’t always true. In some ways, financial advisers have to disclose less than brokers do—and what they don’t tell you could hurt you. - WSJ 11/4/22

Fidelity Fixed Income & Bonds Page

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