US Census Bereau

CIC Data '09 to '21

The US Census Bureau logged over 6.8MM new single-family homes sold from 2009 to 2021.

N.B. 2020 -2021 realized nearly twice as many homes constructed vs. 2009 - 2011 AND more of them are controlled by HOA covenants.

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US New Home Sales with covenants: 2009 - 2021

New Single-Family Houses Sold 2009 - 2021

US Census Bureau CIC Data '09 - '21

US Census - Homeowners' Association Data 2009 - 2021.xlsx
  • PAGE 1: New single family homes sold totals by region | PAGE 2: New single family homes sold by price

  • PAGE 3: New attached single family homes sold by region | PAGE 4: New detached single family homes sold by region

US Census Occupied Housing Characteristics 2021

US Census - 2021 - ACS 1Yr Physical Housing Characteristics for Occupied Housing Units.xlsx