State statutes define the fundamental governance framework that allows for the existence of common interest communities.

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Earlier WA State CIC statutes (RCW 64.32 and RCW 64.38) are relatively lean compared to the 1990 Condominium Act (RCW 64.34) and the 2018 Uniform Common Interest Ownership Act (WUCIOA - RCW 64.90). In addition to these statutes, the WA Nonprofit Corporation Act (RCW 24.03) plays a role (for incorporated associations) in addition certain other state laws.

Federal statutes such as the Americans with Disabilities Act, Fair Housing Act, Over the Air Reception Devices Rule and more are also involved to a lesser extent related to common interest community governance.

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  • Requirements that always apply regardless of language in your governing documents ("notwithstanding")

  • Requirements that are superseded by language in your governing documents ("unless otherwise provided" and "if the bylaws so provide")

  • Basic requirements related to units (descriptions, boundaries, alterations, subdivision, etc.), development rights, termination, etc.

  • Requirements for amending a declaration

  • Meetings (of members and directors)

  • Obligation of Good Faith

  • Notice

  • Powers of the Board and of the association

  • Surplus funds

  • Disclosure

Statutory & Governing Documents Hierarchy

Statutory & Governing Documents Hierarchy


Recent Washington State LEGISLATION

Concerning nonprofit corporations. [SECTION 5204 became effective July 1, 2022.] CHANGE SUMMARY

Getting your owners to opt into electronic notice can be very helpful for a number of reasons. LEARN MORE

Addressing foreclosure protections for homeowners in common interest communities. VIEW Example Notice of Delinquency

Although not applicable to all types of common interest communities, this bill could establish a precedent directly impacting the ability to evict tenants unless there are four or more violations committed in a twelve month period.

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