Info Bytes 11.23.21

CIC Info Bytes are frequent, succinct updates that provide educational and engagement opportunities to help your community thrive!

  • Listening to our Homeowners

      • A fantastic summary from the outgoing chair of the Homeowners Leaders Council about the needs of common interest communities and steps that CAI can take to make improvements.

  • Heavy Burden

    • A telling story about an expensive infrastructure replacement project in Fargo, NC

  • CAI Diverse and Inclusive Communities Guide

    • Has your association adopted a DEI strategy and/or incorporated DEI into your operations? This guide might be a great start. It includes:

      • Equality Pledge

      • Nondiscrimination Policy

      • Helpful references to HUD's final rule re: hostile environment and more

  • Vendor Lists

    • Brand new and still under development! Vendor Lists transforms community feedback into references you can use immediately that are free and open to everyone.

    • Please connect if you have ideas for this tool and/or have additional vendor information you'd like to see make the list.

  • Resource Links including CAI's Common Ground magazine, the WSCAI Journal, Condo Law Group's weekly broadcast YouTube channel and Condo Lifestyles magazine

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