Management Toolkit

Selecting a management company is a critical step that many CICs repeat at least once every 5 years, yet many CICs approach management transitions without a clear plan. While it is not entirely unreasonable to rely on the outgoing and incoming management companies to sort out their transition, that approach fails the reality of almost all material changes: some things fall apart and it takes time to pick up the pieces.

Read Great Expectations: What to Expect from your Management Company to learn more about preparing for a management company transition and general management services expectations.

The Management Evaluation worksheet has two tabs and is intended to pair with the Example CIC Management RFP:

  • Management Evaluation - A standardized format to compare RFP responses and to evaluate your management company experience.

  • RFP Response Template - A standardized format to collect RFP responses.


Management RFP Toolkit
  • Need some practical advice to understand a project?

  • Want a jump start to reinvigorate your governing documents?

  • Interested in gauging owner and resident satisfaction or increasing engagement?

  • Does service delivery from your management company meet all your expectations?

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