Ideas for your Bylaws: Words of Wisdom provides practical language for your governing documents.  

Do your bylaws include similar language?  If not, please consider it for your next amendment or restatement.  Want help with a restatement?  Click here.

EXAMPLES: What's in the Bylaws?

Bylaws have the least to do with the physical construction of your community (condo vs. townhomes vs. single family homes) and the most to do with its governance structure (board composition, meetings, quorums, voting, etc.)


Many state statutes directly establish the hierarchy of governance like this: If a conflict exists between the declaration and the organizational documents, the declaration prevails except to the extent the declaration is inconsistent with this chapter. 

Amending and Restating your Declaration / CC&Rs & Bylaws

Want help with a restatement?  Click HERE.

Declarations / CC&Rs, bylaws, rules and regulations and more will never be perfect, but they can be significantly improved in a number of ways.  Amending and restating these documents is often prudent and even necessary.

WHY Restate Your Governing Documents?

ABOUT Restating your Declaration & Bylaws

STEPS to Amend and Restate your Declaration & Bylaws

Bylaws Words of Wisdom

Ideas for your Bylaws - Words of Wisdom