Info Bytes 02.17.22

CIC Info Bytes are frequent, succinct updates that provide educational and engagement opportunities to help your community thrive!

What's New


      1. Parliamentary Procedure

        • Now includes a link to Running a Darn Good Meeting. That document won CCAL's 2015 Manuscript of the Year. A lengthy, but rewarding read!

      2. Fair Housing

        • Our Governance page now has three separate references to fair housing. This is a perennial topic with wide-ranging effects for common interest communities


      1. Conflicts of Interest

        • Ethics and conflicts will forever remain hot topics...perhaps fodder for a new survey in a few weeks' time

      1. Fees for Electronic Records

        • This one stings! How is your community making data available to your owners? Are you charging fees for access to electronic records?

      1. Timely Financials

        • How long do you wait to receive financials? Some communities expect data within two weeks after the close of every month.

Governance Matters

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