Great Expectations!

Great Expectations!: What to Expect from your Management Company

March 09, 2022 | Contributors: Connie Morrow, Jim Norman and Steve Horvath

You pay for what you get is meaningless if you don't understand what you're paying for, nor what you're actually getting.

The work product of your association's staff and third-party vendors (law firms, consultants, community association manager, etc.) is only as good as the direction, information (facts and context), conversations and questions you exchange.  

Decision-Making 101

Consider this excerpt from the Condo Law Handbook (page 105):

...I have also counseled many clients who were unhappy with their manager’s performance that they can, and should, change managers or management companies to get better performance, but they have been unwilling to consider a change, and were unwilling to even express their dissatisfaction with the manger because of concerns that a change would cost more money, or would be disruptive to the communityEven if you don’t want to change managers, providing constructive feedback to your manager, or asking them to modify their conduct to better meet your needs, should be a routine part of the relationship between a Board and its manager.

This industry perspective can be found in Proper Management Common Ground March/April '22

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