CICs, like so many other entities, benefit from intentional organization.

Maintaining an annual calendar is one of the easiest ways to provide continuity and plan for smooth sailing. Every CIC has idiosyncrasies, but governance and operational similarities abound. Comprehensive calendar documentation evidences thoughtful planning. Plan for success by developing an annual operations and governance calendar.


  • One calendar to rule them all?

    • Avoid overwhelming your audience by using multiple calendars or using a single calendar that allows you to filter events by type.

  • Community Events:

    • amenity reservations

    • celebrations, parties and volunteer opportunities that encourage owners and/or resident participation

  • Governance Events:

    • Board, Committee, homeowner and resident-focused meetings and events

    • contract renewals

    • insurance renewals

    • annual audit review

    • annual budget planning

    • annual reserve study review

    • annual employee compensation review

    • long-term strategic planning

  • Operations Events:

    • elevator reservations

    • maintenance, repair, replacement and capital improvement projects that impact resident life

CIC Example Calendar

CIC Example Calendar
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