Condo Connection is dedicated to maintaining healthy, vibrant common interest communities (CICs) by curating practical, sensible information for the common good with content for COAs, HOAs, Co-Ops, and everything in between.  We strive to emphasize great governance, best practices and consistency, empathy, honesty, integrity, reason and transparency.

Condo Connection wants CICs to succeed by helping ensure that the over $103 billion in estimated 2020 CIC annual assessments is value added to each and every community.  We accomplish this by providing opportunities for education and engagement to homeowners and Board members about their rights and responsibilities and by providing practical, actionable examples.

If you were to analyze a massive number of questions posted in online Q&A forums, you will find two truths: 1) similar questions are asked repeatedly and 2) people appreciate examples.  An overwhelming majority of the time, public responses deliver opinions that fall far short of providing the answers sought and the answers change simply based on who is willing to respond.

Our Seattle network of condominiums experienced the same challenge.  While we networked on a somewhat regular basis, it was disheartening to hear and see the same questions appear in discussions and email threads literally every month.  Interested, invested volunteers clearly weren't getting the answers they needed.   

Condo Connection was founded in 2020 and is still maintained and operated by a homeowner volunteer to enhance networking and the availability of quality, on-demand information for condominiums, HOAs and all other CICs not only in Downtown Seattle, but anywhere with access to the internet.

Condo Connection is an information resource that makes dozens of examples free to view.  This website is NOT a business and does NOT directly sell any products, offer any services for compensation, provide legal advice or generate revenue in exchange for publishing information that favors any product or vendor.  

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