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ISSUE # 58

CIC Info Bytes 02/02/23

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CIC Info Bytes Newsletter 02/02/23 - PRINT EDITION

As someone who contributes a relatively significant amount of volunteer time to various causes, the concept that homeowners who don't get involved and/or proactively speak up lose their right to complain after the fact is valid, but so too is the fact that great governance has to come from within.  Everyone wants leaders who:

FL Statute §720.3035(1) - Architectural control; owner improvements; rights & privileges

Will The Association’s Denial Of An Architectural Request Withstand Challenge?

Architectural Review Committees DO NOT Have Unlimited Authority

Future Unclear for Residents Affected by ‘Absolutely Devastating’ Sinkhole in State College

Halie Kines | Centre Daily Times | 01/22/23 


“The housing market is the most interest-rate sensitive part of any economy, so it’s a very good lead of where the rest of the economy could be in quarters to come,” said Schroders fund manager James Ringer.  Bloomberg 5 Things to Start Your Day | 02/01/23 

Billions, not millions, needed to address King County homelessness crisis

Jeremy Harris | KOMO News | 01/26/23

Homeless services could face cuts in WA's 2023 legislative session

Josh Cohen | Crosscut | 01/31/23

Learn about Homelessness in King County, WA

Homebuyers who are hoping for lower prices in 2023 are in for a ‘rude awakening’

Robert Davis | Business Insider | 01/24/23

Bidding Wars Are Back… Danny Schmidt | KOMO | 01/25/23

In some areas of the US, first-time home buyers and small investors have the upper hand on supposedly sophisticated players that badly misjudged the property market. While big investors that leaned on algorithms — so-called iBuyers — are nursing losses, local flippers sold homes for 20% above their purchase price. They tended to buy distressed properties, though they also generally put more into renovations. The typical Phoenix homeowner is sitting on an additional $100,000 in home equity since the pandemic began, according to real estate data firm Black Knight Inc.  Bloomberg 5 Things to Start Your Day | 01/30/23

Sophisticated investors made a simple mistake: “They were paying far more than they needed to on the way up and getting far less than they should on the way down”

“They rode a wave, and it’s crashing on them…It’s a corporation. I don’t feel bad for them.”

In 1970 the average worker had to work 3.9 hours per square foot for the average home. By 2019 that had fallen to 2.75 hours.

How to Understand Rising U.S. Home Prices WSJ | 01/27/23

Housing market: Jason Oppenheim warns of an 'armageddon' in the real estate industry

— Dylan Croll | Yahoo! Finance | 01/29/23

As the Colorado River Shrinks, Washington Prepares to Spread the Pain

Christopher Flavell | NYT | 01/27/23

How Las Vegas declared war on thirsty grass and set an example for the desert Southwest

Molly Hennessy-Fiske & Ian James | Yahoo! News | 01/29/23

New York investors snapping up Colorado River water rights

Ben Tracy, Andy Bast, Chris Spinder | CBS News | 01/31/23

America, The Bland — Anna Kodé | NYT | 01/20/23

Fake Grass, Wood Frames and One Journalist’s Search for Answers — Josh Ocampo | NYT

Towering downtown skyscraper set for new high-rise apartment conversion 

— Steven Devadnam | Culturemap Houston | 01/30/23

Computer model predicts the Millenium Tower "fix" may recover about half the tilt it caused 

— Jason Weisberger | boingboing | 01/20/23

Gas vs. Electric is Heating Up

Are Gas Stoves Dangerous to Your Health? Here’s What Science Says

Sumathi Reddy | WSJ | 01/25/23

Should you replace your gas stove with an induction cooktop? Here’s what you need to know 

Adele Peters | Fast Company | 01/24/23

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Rates on the Rise

But there’s danger lurking, some warn. If the Fed backs off monetary tightening too soon, inflation could again climb, this time on the back of a still-tight labor market. And inflation’s bite remains evident despite its decline: just look at soaring American credit card debt and automobile repossessions. In Europe, the outlook is worse. Inflation and Russia’s war on Ukraine have left the euro zone teetering near recession, with labor strikes from France to Germany to Italy another indicator that workers are in crisis. 

In the US, John Authers contends that even with all the good news, a hard or soft landing is hard to predict. “The data now look better for soft,” he writes in Bloomberg Opinion. But “the gut-check remains braced for hard.”  Bloomberg Weekend Reading | 01/28/23 

Governance Matters

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