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Destroyed Multi-Family Housing in Borodyanka

Destroyed Multi-Family Housing in Borodyanka

The 350,000+ common interest communities in the United States can coordinate and support the people of Ukraine where  millions of lives have been and are still being impacted in ways that most of us hope we'll never understand.  What does it mean for your home to be on the receiving end of artillery and missiles?  What does it mean to abandon your home and flee your country in an attempt to save your life and the life of your family?  Whether in Kyiv, or in Kharkiv, or Donetsk or many other cities, some of these lives call common interest communities their home.  In short, the people of Ukraine are undergoing tremendous displacement from their homes, coupled with loss of life, tragedy and suffering.

There are myriad ways that each of us can help support Ukraine in this time of crisis.  Let's stand up and show the people of Ukraine that we care.  Please sign this 30-second pledge to support the people of Ukraine and call on CAI to formally support persons displaced from common interest communities half a world away.

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