Community Association Statistics

The US Census Bureau logged over 6.8MM new single-family homes sold from 2009 to 2021.

N.B.  2020 -2021 realized nearly twice as many homes constructed vs. 2009 - 2011 AND more of them are controlled by HOA covenants.

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Colorado DORA HOA Survey (2023)

Colorado's Division of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) includes the Division of Real Estate (DRE) and its HOA Center.

Over 1,500 responses!  VIEW FULL RESULTS & EXPAND 👇

Homeowner Satisfaction - 2023 Colorado DORA Survey
Most Important Issues to Address - 2023 Colorado DORA Survey
Challenges Experienced - 2023 Colorado DORA Survey
Homeowner Satisfaction - 2023 Colorado DORA Survey

Assorted Surveys

The surveys below are not sponsored by CAI and/or FCAR.  WHY is this important?

DO YOU KNOW?  CAI (the Community Associations Institute, a business trade group) created FCAR (the Foundation for Community Association Research) in 1975.  These two organizations are headquartered in the same building on the same floor.  Surveys from CAI and FCAR suffer from industry sponsorship bias.

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Study: Homeowners Think HOAs Aren’t Worth the Stress
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Community Association Statistics

US Census Bureau 

Condominium & Co-Op Units Sold 2019 - 2023

"Absorption" = Sales | Open the Sheet (top right corner) for a better viewing experience.

Census SOMA Data 2019 - 2023.xlsx

US Census Bureau 

Single-Family Homes in HOAs 2009 - 2023

US Census - Homeowners' Association Data 2009 - 2021.xlsx

US New Home Sales with HOAs: 2009 - 2021

The chart immediately below is a graphical representation of the Census Bureau data shown further below.

New Single-Family Houses Sold 2009 - 2021

US Census Occupied Housing Characteristics

US Census - ACS 1Yr Physical Housing Characteristics for Occupied Housing Units.xlsx