Human Resources

Bringing HR into focus is easier said than done.  Many common interest communities are large enough to have a regular on-site human presence.  Whether your CIC staffs on weekdays, weekends, holidays or 24/7, human resource management becomes a necessity.  While HR management varies by degrees, but there are certain universal expectations such as compensation for work.  While that sounds simple, many intertwined components are required to create a cohesive system that allows for hiring, training, scheduling, compensation, communication and termination.

Below you'll find an example HR Policy and HR Handbook to help you bring clarity to an otherwise fuzzy picture.   Please also review the 2022 CIC Staffing Survey, 2021 compensation survey and these CAM / Management surveys to learn more about pay rates, annual compensation adjustments and bonus structures.  Among other points, surveys reveal  that bonuses are typically provided (through a voluntary collection or operating budget line-item) to workers who are considered regular staff members.

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EXAMPLE Employee Handbook

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