Can you see the forest through the trees of your reserve study?

This survey asked participants to discuss their experiences related to common interest community (CIC) reserve funds and reserve study engagement.

2022 CIC Reserve Questionnaire - QUICK STATS

  • 19% of respondents assume a rate of return greater than 3% over the next 30 years

  • 36% of respondents plan to increase reserve contributions in reaction to inflationary pressures

  • 70% of respondents have a 2% to 4% annual contribution inflation rate over the next 30 years

  • 55% of respondents do not have a written policy guidelines for reserve funds

  • 47% of respondents project their reserve will be greater than 75% fully funded in 30 years

  • 55% of respondents currently use a 3% annual component inflation rate

  • 57% of respondents use a spreadsheet tool to help manipulate and better understand their data

  • 36% of respondents indicate their reserve study excludes components

  • 23% of respondents do not recommend their reserve study vendor

  • 19% of respondents never engage specific third-party experts to help inform their reserve studies

  • 77% of respondents have one or more volunteers dedicate time to reserve study updates