Info Bytes 04.21.22

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A Note About Ukraine

The people of Ukraine are undergoing tremendous displacement from their homes coupled with loss of life, tragedy and suffering. You can pledge to support the people of Ukraine in 30 seconds and learn more about ways to provide direct support to organizations making a difference there.



    • CIC Staffing Survey

      • FINAL WEEK. If your CIC has staff, please contribute to this 2 minute survey. Thanks to the over 30 participants thus far!

      • Participate by April 25. Results will be published by April 30. Take the Survey!



    • Model Management Contract

      • Final version! N.B. There's a service guarantee. Does your management company guarantee your fixed fee service by offering refunds when things go wrong? Why not?

      • For anyone that missed it previously, check out Great Expectations: What to Expect from your Management Company

      • FOOD FOR THOUGHT: consider the following excerpt from the Condo Law Handbook (page 105). Many CICs unnecessarily fail to appropriately engage with their managers and management companies.

        1. ...I have also counseled many clients who were unhappy with their manager’s performance that they can, and should, change managers or management companies to get better performance, but they have been unwilling to consider a change, and were unwilling to even express their dissatisfaction with the manger because of concerns that a change would cost more money, or would be disruptive to the community. Even if you don’t want to change managers, providing constructive feedback to your manager, or asking them to modify their conduct to better meet your needs, should be a routine part of the relationship between a Board and its manager.

    • Reserves

      • Some recent, decidedly mediocre advice prompts this reminder that you can find a cornucopia of quality information from multiple sources, all in one place.

      • BIG QUESTION: Do you know what happens to your reserve contributions if your investment income significantly lags component inflation?

        1. Your contributions may very well become parabolic...

        2. Failing to plan might mean you're planning to fail. Be proactive!

    • Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging

      • View a nicely formatted version of HB 1793 that becomes effective in WA State on June 9, 2022.

        1. If you're in WA State, please read this document and understand the implications to your CIC that even extends to resale certificate disclosures

      • Example of an EV charging license


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    • Please take action to support value-added alternatives to CAI that help protect the interests of CICs and their volunteers.

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