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Condo Connection is dedicated to maintaining healthy, vibrant common interest communities (CICs) by curating common sense for the common good at COAs, HOAs, Co-Ops, and everything in between.

We take a practical approach to provide you access to the best concepts, content and ideas you can immediately apply in your community and offer learning and engagement opportunities for individual homeowners, volunteer leaders, and community managers. Join our listserv.

Our site often references Washington State because we're based in Seattle (home to 36,000+ residential units in 1,500+ condominiums). The Foundation for Community Association Research identifies over 10,500 CICs in Washington State and 355,000 CICs across the USA.

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Down to Earth: Omnipotent Boards & Unilateral Decision-MakingWhat to Do: When Things go AskewPrincipal Guaranteed Securities: Don't Trade CONVENIENCE for YIELDCIC Candid Interview: Community Association Manager (CAM) Insights & Lessons LearnedDOLLAR$ and SEN$E: Are you Investing, Gambling, or Guessing?!?The Ultimate CIC Challenge: Too Long, Didn't Read. TLDR (TL;DR) The End.Know your Experts: They Might be Your NeighborsThere’s Only ONE Sandbox: Everyone Gets a Shovel!START Serving your Community: STOP Playing PoliticsGREAT Expectations!: What to Expect from your Management CompanyAlways Ask "WHY?": Are Empathy and Reason YOUR Stars and Stripes?Board Discipline: Has Your Board Been Naughty or Nice?!?
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