Ever wanted to cite a reference and had trouble finding it? Do you know the expectations as a Director of your association? This page holds a wealth of information about condominium governance, including full-text copies of multiple WA State statutes.

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SSB 5011 is currently making its way through the 2021 regular session of the 67th legislature of WA State. This legislation intends to support the use of technology to facilitate notice, meetings and voting.

AN ACT Relating to notice, meeting, and voting provisions for common interest communities, condominiums, and homeowners' associations; amending RCW 64.32.010, 64.34.332, 64.34.340, 64.34.352, 64.38.035, and 64.90.445; reenacting and amending RCW 64.34.020 and 64.38.010; adding new sections to chapter 64.32 RCW; adding a new section to chapter 64.34 RCW; and adding new sections to chapter 64.38 RCW. >>> READ THE FULL TEXT HERE <<<


WA State Statutes Infographic